Our history

We started out as a dream, and work towards making this dream a reality.

The beginnings: fanfiction

Robin Hiert started writing a fanfiction about his favourite fictional universe: Star Trek! The story turned into a script and the first plans were formed. From this moment, he started gathering people around him who share his hobby: Star Trek and movie making.

We hope you enjoy our hobby as much as we do!

The process

This group of friends started learning how to make a science-fiction film. None of them had experience with this, so many tests followed! You can see our growth as Star Trek: Dark Armada.

By releasing the test episodes on YouTube, a new type of Star Trek fan was found: Star Trek fans working in the television industry. Their knowledge and skills helped us grow into what we are today: a group of friends making a Star Trek Fan Production!

The birth of Batavia

The final episodes of Star Trek: Dark Armada have a quality we’re satisfied with. We still have a lot to learn, and mostly work with green screen technology, but we have fun while looking good. Around this time Paramount published their rules for fanmade Star Trek productions. Since Dark Armada was at it’s end, we decided to get to work and build our series around our own ship: the USS Batavia.

Story arc

In order to keep the production time low and adhere to Paramounts directives, we plan to publish our 30 minute stories in parts. This way we can keep seeing the results of our hard work. One story consists of three short vignettes and one long conclusion. In order to get the full experience, we advise you to binge watch these 4 parts. 😉